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Vamp was extremely ruthless when dealing with his enemies and Emma, showing absolutely no mercy towards them. Vamp also harbored a deep hatred for the Patriots. After they disbanded Dead Cell, slaughtered their fellow members, and made them look like criminals in the eye of the public, he was more than happy to follow both Solidus and Liquid Ocelot's plans to destroy them. Vamp was very obedient towards his superiors, seemingly following Solidus and Liquid Ocelot's orders without question.

He did, however, occasionally wonder whether the latter's orders would actually work, as evidenced by his report to Liquid Ocelot regarding Philanthropy's successful retrieval of Naomi Hunter in South America.


On a related note, he also does not approve of violence that would not help their cause at all, as evidenced by his earlier report to Fortune about Fatman going out of control, and later his throwing a knife at Laughing Octopus and ordering her to spare one rebel soldier after she proceeded to go on a killing spree. Since the Big Shell Incident, Vamp possessed a degree of respect towards his foe, Raiden, although it was largely one-sided.

In both and , Vamp frequently wore a trench-coat, which further gave the illusion to his vampire-like appearance, giving him the appearance of a giant bat. It was green in and black in Although Vamp's only real armament was his seemingly unlimited supply of knives, with which he was extremely skilled, he also displayed extraordinary physical capabilities.

For one, his strength, speed, and agility were far beyond that of a normal person, to the extent that he could even parry bullets with his knives, with his abilities extending to superhuman levels. His skill with knives were extensive enough that Solid Snake, acting as Iroquois Pliskin, referred to him as a "wizard of knives" when discussing him with Raiden. During the Big Shell Incident, Vamp demonstrated several gravity-defying talents, including, but not limited to, catapulting himself multiple feet into the air without any momentum, walking on water and running vertically up a support pillar, in addition to surfacing from heavily oxygenated essentially non-buoyant water.

Otacon and Solid Snake later theorized that his wall-climbing ability was possible through technology utilizing van der Waals force , after witnessing similar feats performed by Haven Troopers in , the footwear of whom was also in use by Vamp at the time.

Vamp had the ability to accurately predict the movements of an enemy by observing their muscles, and thus react accordingly. It was assumed, however, that this ability could be nullified if the enemy in question were to wear a pressurized suit, as Raiden proved when he fired at Vamp and ended up grazing him on the cheek.

He also seemed to have a degree of control over shadows. This was especially apparent during his fight with Raiden in the purification chamber where he could impale Raiden's shadow and prevent him from moving. Otacon hypothesized that this "shadow-binding" technique, also known as Kagenui, was some form of hypnotism: the power of suggestion augmented by Vamp's speech and movements, coupled with the manipulation of the light reflecting off the blade of his knife.

In addition to all of that, during his main battle with Raiden, he appeared, at times, to be surrounded in an orangish red aura after surfacing from heavily oxygenated water and was invulnerable to most attacks in this state. However, perhaps Vamp's most notable trait was his apparent immortality. During the Big Shell Incident, Vamp appeared to die on three separate occasions, each caused by Raiden: he received a shot to the head and lower abdomen the bullets having been deflected by Fortune's "luck" ; he "drowned" after receiving injuries from Raiden, while attempting to prevent the rescue of Emma Emmerich; and he later fell to sniper fire, while holding Emma at knife-point.

Although Vamp was knocked into the ocean, he still managed to inflict Emma with a mortal wound. Despite these encounters, however, Vamp was able to survive. Following this, his healing abilities had increased, as evidenced from when he was fatally shot and stabbed numerous times by both Snake and Raiden, each time awakening without even a scratch during Liquid Ocelot's Insurrection, whereas during the Big Shell Incident, when he regenerated, he still left behind scars from the wounds e.

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A side-effect of this ability is that the process of his coming back from the dead left him with a very low body temperature, causing him to release a white mist from his mouth even in rooms that aren't cold enough to cause mist to be emitted from the mouth. Naomi later explained that this ability of immortality was due to the nanomachines inside his body healing his injuries at an accelerated rate, allowing him to regenerate before any normally fatal injuries could kill him. This theory was confirmed when Snake injected him with a nanomachine suppressor. When the formerly-suppressed nanomachines began to heal Vamp's fatal injuries after his fight with Raiden, he endured significant physical pain, before they were again inactivated, allowing him to finally die.

Vamp also seemed to posses a superhuman level of pain tolerance. He reacted completely indifferent to being shot in the head during the Big Shell Incident and to being stabbed in the chest by Raiden in South America. It's worthy to note that once his nanomachines were suppressed by Old Snake via syringe, his pain tolerance seemed to decrease significantly. Other than his superhuman abilities, Vamp was also a skilled pilot. This was evidenced by his piloting the Harrier before Solidus entering it.

After a knife fight with Raiden, Vamp had become weakened due to his nanomachines being weakened previously by Solid Snake after being injected with a nanomachine suppressor. Being in severe pain and due to his suffering, Naomi allowed Otacon to make the choice of ending Vamp's misery, due to the fact Vamp had killed Emma, but Vamp took the nanomachine suppressor by force and injected himself, nonetheless, which resulted in his ultimate death.

Vamp, in order to escape the effects of the SOP lockdown at South America, injected himself with nanomachines to put himself to sleep temporarily shortly before Snake shot him. His home country of Romania is the location of the historical region of Transylvania, from which the renowned fictional vampire Count Dracula hailed. Owing to the character's background, his English voice actor, Phil LaMarr , voiced him with a distinct Romanian accent. In an interview on November 18, , LaMarr explained that he came up with Vamp's voice by "try[ing] to take as much oxygen, as much air out of the voice as I could.

Similar to Vamp, Alucard was also a vampire or more accurately, a dhampir , being the offspring of the series main antagonist Count Dracula , although the main difference is that Vamp had an antagonistic role, while Alucard for several of his appearances had a protagonistic role. Vamp was originally going to be a woman. However, when Fortune was introduced, the character's gender was changed to that of a man, although the long black hair was retained. Shinkawa's artwork and the game's script reveal that Vamp was to have worn sunglasses to conceal his eyes, similar to the other members of Dead Cell, though this idea was abandoned for the final game, due to the development staff having watched the cyberpunk film The Matrix during the game's development, and not wanting to copy the film due to it using sunglasses on most of its characters.

He was to have had a fear of the cross, due to the trauma that he experienced during the church bombing in his childhood. It was also intended that this bombing be the same one that Peter Stillman failed to stop. Additionally, both Stillman and Iroquois Pliskin were each to have worn a cross around their neck, and Vamp's fear of it would have saved them during his attacks on SEAL Team Finally, it was stated that Vamp was Fortune's current lover at the time of the Plant Chapter. Another Dead Cell member named Chinaman was intended to appear in Metal Gear Solid 2 , possessing the abilities to walk on walls, ceilings and on water.

Vamp's fight against Raiden, in the Big Shell's purification chamber, was also intended to be for Chinaman, with Vamp being fought much later in the game, within a shrine aboard Arsenal Gear.

When fighting Vamp in the Big Shell, using the Stinger against him while he is underwater will have his O2 gauge drop severely. Vamp can briefly be seen in the background of Metal Gear Solid 2 's ending cutscene, when Raiden looks at his dog tags with Snake outside Federal Hall. Viewing this in the HD Collection version will award the player with the trophy "Vamp Eyer," a pun on seeing Vamp and the term "Vampire. In real life, being openly bisexual Vamp's sexual orientation was forbidden in the United States military under the "don't ask, don't tell" policy until President Barack Obama repealed the policy in Besides his appearance in the main game, Vamp was also the primary antagonist of the non-canonical Snake Tales scenario: "Dead Man Whispers.

Vamp questioned Jackson's plan, as he realized that Jackson was going insane from his time in prison, but nonetheless complied.

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He instead orchestrated a massacre on the training op, and then saved O'Brien for last. Depending on how the player went about completing the mission, Vamp will either die without revealing anything besides committing revenge for Jackson's imprisonment, end up arrested without revealing Jackson's conspiracy and escaping from prison, die before he could reveal Jackson's conspiracy, or live, reveal Jackson's conspiracy thus also changing Jackson's fate from dying in prison to having his sentenced increased to life imprisonment , requesting Snake to kill him, and eventually being arrested.

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Although Vamp's boss battle reuses the one used during Sons of Liberty , Vamp doesn't possess regenerative powers in this scenario, evidenced by the lethal kill endings as well as his request for Snake to kill him in the non-lethal ending. In addition, his sexuality was significantly toned down in this scenario, as well as his rumored relationship with Scott Dolph. The cuts that he had previously inflicted on his chest he adds a new one in Metal Gear Solid 2 after killing a person seem to have disappeared, although he retains the scar of the bullet wound from his and Raiden's first encounter.

Vamp also wears five sets of dog tags during the game, four of which have been speculated to have belonged to his deceased Dead Cell comrades.

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The use of advanced technology is used to explain some of Vamp's extraordinary abilities, implying that their testing the limits of one's imagination was no different to the perception of supernatural powers. When fighting Vamp as Solid Snake, if the player hits him with the Solar Gun , Vamp will burst into flames for a short period of time. In Project Itoh 's novelization for Metal Gear Solid 4 , Otacon's in-universe narration frequently refers to Vamp as the "Nosferatu," another word for vampire , which was popularized in the late nineteenth century by Western fiction such as Dracula.

In the English version, on the other hand, his role was reprise by Phil LaMarr. Similar to Raiden, he was capable of moving quickly and jumping to high places by pressing the triangle button, which soldiers normally could not do without a boost. In addition, he could land after falling from any height without taking any damage, and was resurrected on the spot if he was killed.

His special weapons were throwing knives and a combat knife. If tranquilized, he'd sometimes say "Raiden Fans speculated that the character was intended to be Vamp, though his death in Metal Gear Solid 4 made this questionable.

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  • The E3 pre-show's staff interviews for Metal Gear Rising revealed that the character is actually a cyborg named Samuel Rodrigues. In a later interview, Koreikado also addressed the fans' speculations and stated that Sam is not the same as Vamp. Vamp appears as a participant in the Konami sponsored event E3 Battle , where he defeated Jeane from the game Genso Suikoden. Vamp then proceeded to fight and defeat James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2 in the second round although the percentage points implied that Vamp actually lost.

    He later faced off against and defeated Anubis in the third round, but lost against The Boss in the fourth round. He also appeared in Versus Battle, where he fought against Monsoon. Sign In Don't have an account? Some imitative words are more surprising than others. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Which of these things doesn't belong?

    Test your visual vocabulary with our question challenge! First Known Use of vamp Noun 1 , in the meaning defined above Verb 1 circa , in the meaning defined at transitive sense Noun 2 , in the meaning defined at sense 1 Verb 2 , in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1a. Learn More about vamp. Resources for vamp Time Traveler!

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