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The first is to constantly work on your creative thinking skills. The second strategy is to shut down the negative voices in your head. With the news reporting mostly on horrifying events and everyone around you only complaining, negative thinking is quite the norm. You can do this by writing down a pep talk that reads like a commercial where you try to sell yourself to yourself.

Even if they act crazy, they might just have a bad day. But just like you want to be treated like an important person, so do they. The next piece of advice regards your peers. By reading biographies of successful people he felt like hanging out with them. Another important factor is your attitude , which will be reflected in the way you walk, talk and behave. After all, reading body language has been how we survived for thousands of years. The former is powerful from the inside, because you believing in your work will make sure you take pride in it, the latter is powerful from the outside, because it makes you and others feel important.

No one is born confident , yet everyone can learn it.

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So sit in the first row, make eye contact with people and walk faster than others. Just like dressing well it will make you look important on the outside, which in turn will make you feel confident on the inside. This is where the book comes full circle, because believing in yourself is what creates the difference between trying to find someone to blame when things go wrong, and looking for a way to try again and be better.

Then, get to work and study your setbacks. Definitely a read worth recommending! Jim Collins Stephen R. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. January 9, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. When he first came to California, in the late 60s, an Austrian immigrant who could barely speak English was given a copy of this book. Not being particularly bright, he struggled to read it and followed it to the letter.

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To this day, he still does follow it to the letter. It seems that the big dumb oaf just doesn't know any better. That's why he became the greatest bodybuilder in history, Mr. Olympia 8 times, a billionaire, the biggest Hollywood box office success in history, the governor of the state with the biggest economy in the US, married a Kennedy, and is known all over the world by his first name.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't know enough not to follow the advice in this book. Don't think that you are smarter than him. This book is a classic, the bible of success, and though over 60 years old is still found on the shelves of every bookstore you go into.

August 4, - Published on Amazon. Schwartz This is my second-time reading this book first time being in , shortly after I joined the Amway biz and shortly before I joined the Air Force , and after these years I still find it to be one of the best self-help books I've ever read. True enough, a lot of the material that Dr. Schwartz teaches within is seemingly common sense that should be boneheadedly obvious Here, I believe, is the answer.

All of us, more than we recognize, are products of the thinking around us. And much of this thinking is little, not big. All around you is an environment that is trying to tug you, trying to pull you down Second Class Street.

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First Class Avenue, U. Whether this tunnel is ever built depends on whether responsible people believe it can be built. Schwartz may you Rest In Peace , the Chunnel has long since become a reality. But this statement is only a half-truth. Knowledge is only potential power.

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He felt it was more important to use your mind to think than to use it as a warehouse for facts. Action cures fear. Some folks, being jealous, want to make you feel embarrassed because you want to move upward It gives everyone a boost to be addressed by name. Two special things you must remember.

Pronounce the name correctly, and spell it correctly. September 27, - Published on Amazon.

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The techniques described in the book works. I couldn't think of a better publication to help me achieve this goal and grow my business to a worldwide corporation. Finally, if you want to think big, read this great resource. December 4, - Published on Amazon.

This book is fantastic. I've been on a motivational kick lately to inspire and motivate myself to finish writing my children's novel - Hidden Gems - and then turn it into a feature animated film. So, with a collosal goal set for myself, I needed a collasal book to help me through it.