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2. Have a process to start and stop projects

A project is a temporary endeavor that is undertaken to create a unique product or service. With a project, there is a clear definition of what needs to be delivered by a specified date in time. Unlike with a project, with a product there is no clear definition of what has to be delivered. Customer needs naturally evolve over time, and products must evolve to serve these customer needs. With products, there are no clear deadlines.

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A customer expects a product to meet their needs right NOW, not at some distant point in the future. Thus, product development is not a temporary or occasional endeavor. It is a continuous process of delivering new features and improving a given product over time. Product management is an organizational function within a company that deals with the planning, forecasting, and production or marketing of a product or products at all stages of the product life cycle.

Project management , on the other hand, consists of the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills, and experience to achieve the objectives of a specific project.

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The ultimate goal of a Product Manager is to aim to maximize value and create new revenue streams. Responsibilities that fall under a Product Manager include:. A Project Manager is responsible for the successful delivery of a project within a specific deadline and budget. Project Managers oversee and manage the development of the product by aligning available resources and managing issues and risks.

One of the most difficult tasks for a Project Manager is managing the scope of the project, as they must balance time, cost, and quality. For example, if the deadline of a project is shortened, Project Managers must either increase costs or reduce the scope in order to maintain quality. The ultimate goal of a Project Manager is to aim to maximize quality while minimizing risk.

Responsibilities that fall under a Project Manager include:. A Project Manager is akin to a midwife. The person in this role delivers the project and moves on to the next one. The Product Manager is similar to the mother in this situation because he or she conceives the idea, develops it for months, eventually brings the product to market, and is responsible for it until it becomes obsolete. Product and project management are similar concepts, but in order to create a successful product, you need to understand how these concepts differ. Project management focuses internally to achieve specific objectives and complete a given project on time and under budget.

Product Management takes a broader view, and focuses externally on the customer and the overall and continued success of the project. In your company, does one person take on both the role of product and project manager? Have you had difficulties distinguishing between the concepts of product and project management in the past?

Other insights about the topic? Tweet us or shoot us an email at mvp koombea. Subscribe to our newsletter and get latest news and trends from Koombea. Most product manufacturers have sizable profit margins on spare parts, so the business is attractive—but not if inventory cost is excessive. At the end of production, the organization has to anticipate the lifetime spares requirement and manufacture and store this before the tooling is decommissioned. Having multiple builds complicates this. At the very least, it is essential for a manufacturer to have a robust method of tracking build—for example, the capability to determine the build from the serial number.

For this study, MS Project software readily permitted creation of the work breakdown structure, estimates of duration, creation of links sequences , imposition of milestones and deadlines, estimates of fixed and labor cost, and identification of resources people, equipment, and consumables. See Figure 2 for a sample of the data. Reports, including the useful critical path and tracking Gantt, were readily available.

New Product Development

That aside, the problem seems to be more than just uncertain work packages, but a fundamental need for research on how to best apply project management to NPD. There are many books, magazine articles, and advice from consultants at the intersection of project management and NPD, but it is surprising how little research has actually been done. The implication is that managers who need to manage real NPD projects might benefit from adopting new project management ideas as they appear but need to do so with an open mind and not assume that following a consultant's prescription will automatically lead to success.

The outcomes of this study may generalize to other areas. Examples of areas that are poorly covered include uncertain scope, team dynamics organizational behavior , organizational learning, quality, and partnerships.

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These are probably also important in areas other than NPD e. The effectiveness of many of the popular project management methods for NPD, including lean project management and stage-gate, have not yet been thoroughly researched. These might be excellent methods, capable of reliably achieving all that their advocates claim.

Or they might be appropriate only in certain situations. At worst, they may be unreliable fads that could discredit other areas of project management. Research is urgently required to increase our knowledge of the effectiveness of these methods and their causal relationships with project success. This article was founded on the assumption that it is appropriate to apply project management methods to new product development. However, it is worth noting that not all researchers agree with such a premise.

Of course, NPD can lie anywhere on a continuum from incremental design improvement to research, where the latter is characterized by vague objectives and high epistemic uncertainty. Unfortunately, projects toward the research end of that scale are not easily managed with any methodology, and project management may be better than none. Projects can have numerous perturbations during deployment e.

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So perhaps project management with its highly structured approach is not the best in every case. Hence, this is another area for future research. In general, the project management method, with its structured task definition and software tools, is useful for managing NPD projects. Specifically, NPD is characterized by complex interrelated activities and large uncertainties about precisely which solution path will be taken, such that the full scope of the project cannot necessarily be anticipated beforehand.

Thus, senior managers may need to change their expectations as to the certainty of the process and be accommodating of changes to the work breakdown structure as the project unfolds. Also, whereas cost is the primary focus in project management because conventional projects tend to only spend money , with NPD there is a need to consider both cost and income from product sales in making strategic decisions.

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Furthermore, in NPD, a single-minded cost focus may distract designers away from creating other value in the product. Communication and human resource management are important factors in NPD success, but existing project management perspectives on these are of limited relevance to NPD and innovation. There is a need to better understand the way team behavior and leadership styles contribute to motivation and project success. While strategic human resource management can provide some initial solutions to these issues, there is still a need to understand how reliably the effects can be extrapolated from general management to project management.

There is also likely to exist an intersection, as yet poorly explored, between project management and knowledge management, particularly for innovation processes such as NPD.

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For the areas of poorer coverage, this article has offered results, from other domains, that appear to be relevant and adaptable to management of NPD. Thus, practitioners are provided with some tentative solutions for the areas where the project management method currently has gaps.

The relevance for researchers is that gaps have been identified in the project management method as it is applied to NPD. While some bridging material has been provided, it is nonetheless incomplete, and there are several places where further research is required to a better understand the causality between factors e. Ackoff, R. Scientific method optimising applied research decisions.

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Discussion of improving labor flow reliability for better productivity as lean construction principle. Barczak, G. Team member experiences in new product development: Views from the trenches. Barney, J.

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