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Rebelo et al.

Zwitterionic and mesoionic liquids: Molecular aggregation in 3-methylsydnone | SpringerLink

Brennecke et al. The nano-ordered dynamic domain structure Figure The temperature is changed in increments of 0. To understand the unique that the gel particles can achieve equilibrium swelling. Reproduced LCST-type phase behavior, we are now investigating ultrasen- with permission from ref The unique phase change of the PBnMA linear polymer in Concluding Remarks the ILs has further encouraged us to evaluate the phase behavior of the cross-linked polymer gels in [C2mim][NTf2], as inferred In this study, we have dealt with macromolecules in ILs from the size volume of the gels.

The PBnMA gel in particularly as new materials from the perspective of the [C2mim][NTf2] exhibits low-temperature swollen and high- progress, challenges, and opportunities. The compatible binary temperature shrunken phases with a phase transition temperature systems between an IL and a polymer can afford ion-conductive of ca. Smart hydrogel materials89—93 have polymer electrolytes ion gels. The ion transport in the ion gels not been used successfully in an open atmosphere for a long is found to be decoupled from the segmental motion of the duration and in a wide range of temperatures because of the polymers, leading to relatively high ionic conductivities even properties volatility and phase change, e.

Decoupled ion transport has not been observed in solvent within the polymer networks. The difference in the ion-conducting behavior without the need to consider solvent evaporation, which is a appears to be understood in terms of the interaction between serious drawback of conventional smart gel materials. Further- the ions and the polymers, which can be rationalized by Lewis more, the phase separation temperature of a polymer in an IL acid-base interactions. Green Chem. The flexibility of the molecular design Applications; Brazel, C.

The new ILs and their ion gels appear to be promising 9 Winterton, N. Acta , 45, Harrisson, S. We have also found that certain combinations of macromol- Macromolecules , 36, The phase separation Commun. More- 14 Ma, H. Polymer , 44, over, cross-linked polymer gels in the ILs show a reversible As ILs are, in general, thermally and 16 Kaar, J. Rapid Commun. In particular, the polymer gel system 18 a Swatloski, R. Moyna, G. Finally, we would like to point out some similarities between , ILs and water. Water is the most common solvent; however, it , 32, Due to its strong hydrogen bonding ability, water, the Naik, R.

Mater Chem.

A breakthrough in our understanding of ionic liquids

Water exists as a mixture of free water 20 Xie, H. The 22 a Ajayan, P. Small , 2, The 26 Zhang, Y. Langmuir combination of the strong Coulombic interaction and weak , 21, A further understanding of such 28 Lee, S.

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From a practical Esperanca, J. Macromolecules of ILs should also be addressed and resolved to enable further , 36, P; Brazel, C. D Chem. We gratefully acknowledge the financial Rahman, M. A and No. Washiro, S. Polymer , 45, Polymer , 46, Macromolecules , 41, Clean Prod. Process , 1, B , , Macromolecules , 39, Laskoski, H. Power Sources K.

Susan, M. Polymer , 14, Commun. Watanabe, M. Acta , 50, Noda, A. C , , Power Sources , 81—82, Electro- M.

ISBN 13: 9780841238930

Macromolecules , 32, Solid State T. B , Ionics , , Solid-State Lett. Macromolecules Y. Terada, N. Miyashiro, H. Acta , 40, Rikukawa, M. Solid State Ionics , , Nature , , Kawano, R.

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Yamanaka, N. A Electrochim.

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Acta , 48, Solid State Ionics , 94, Dunkin, I. A , , W. Pettersson, H. Weiss, R. Patent Application No.

Ionic Liquids/Ionic Liquid Crystals for Safe and Sustainable Energy Storage Systems

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Citations Publications citing this paper. Geminal imidazolium salts: a new class of gelators. Synthesis of aryl azides: a probe reaction to study the synergetic action of ultrasounds and ionic liquids.