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The Sixth Sense was released on August 6, The audience doesn't realize it either. It has been six years since Breaking Bad fans last caught a glimpse of Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul , as he sped away from Albuquerque and the men who held him captive there for so long Walter White included, at least in a metaphorical sense. While we've longed to see what happened next, and what Jesse might be up to today, that it would ever become a reality seemed unlikely In addition to that October 11th premiere, Netflix has plenty of other movies, shows, and specials coming your way in October.

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Spain Niquelao! Friends is a classic sitcom about twentysomethings navigating life, love, and work in New York City. In the 25 years since it made its debut, Friends has inspired a ton of wild fan theories on Reddit and Twitter. Here are a few of the strangest and be careful: Mr. In the summer of , this photo of the Friends season four DVD box ignited a fan frenzy.

The image on the box shows the titular pals snoozing side by side. Ross, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, and Joey all have their eyes shut, but Rachel—resting right in the middle—is wide awake and looking directly at the camera. Why is she the only one with her eyes open? According to one Twitter fan , Rachel fell into an anxiety-fueled dream the night before her wedding to Barry and imagined her own group of hip New York friends to cope with her frustration and dread. The basic premise is that Phoebe never got off the streets.

She was a lonely, homeless woman with a meth addiction who peered into the window of Central Perk one day.

She noticed five friends laughing over coffee, and imagined herself as part of the gang. This theory gained so much traction that a journalist asked Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman about it at a television festival. She quickly threw water on the whole thing.

According to one manic Facebook rant, Friends was not a sitcom at all. It was actually a year marketing ploy, designed to make Starbucks the new go-to destination for young people. Why else do the characters spend so much time in a coffee shop? The case only gets flimsier from there, but if you really want to read about how Chandler and Moby Dick are connected, you can dive down that particular rabbit hole here.

Ben disappears after the eighth season, and never meets his half-sister Emma onscreen. The blog What Would Bale Do lays out a bunch of examples: Ross sleeps with his students, tries to hook up with his cousin, and asks a self-defense instructor for help scaring his female friends.