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Because they do not consume a lot of meat — occasionally pork or chicken — tofu is a main source of protein for the Chinese. Chinese art is greatly influenced by the country's rich spiritual and mystical history.

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Many sculptures and paintings depict spiritual figures of Buddhism, according to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Many musical instruments are integral to Chinese culture, including the flute-like xun and the guqin, which is in the zither family.

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Eastern-style martial arts were also developed in China, and it is the birthplace of kung fu. This fighting technique is based on animal movements and was created in the mids, according to Black Belt Magazine. Ancient Chinese were avid writers and philosophers — especially during the Ming and Qing dynasties — and that is reflected in the country's rich liturgical history.

Recently, archaeologists discovered detailed paintings in a 1,year-old tomb in China.

Asian American Studies *: Primary Sources

China has invested large amounts of money in science advancements and currently challenges the United States in scientific research. One recent development in Chinese science is teleportation. Chinese researchers sent a packet of information from Tibet to a satellite in orbit, up to miles 1, kilometers above the Earth's surface, which is a new record for quantum teleportation distance. Another advancement is the development of new bullet trains.

Chinese immigrants and the first U.S. immigration laws

Dubbed "Fuxing," which means "rejuvenation," these trains are high-speed transportation systems that run between Beijing and Shanghai. It falls between mid-January and mid-February and is a time to honor ancestors.

Chinese Exclusion Act

During the day celebration, the Chinese do something every day to welcome the new year, such as eat rice congee and mustard greens to cleanse the body, according to the University of Victoria. The holiday is marked with fireworks and parades featuring dancers dressed as dragons. Many people make pilgrimages to Confucius' birthplace in Shandong Province on his birthday, Sept.

Primary Sources Overview

The birthday of Guanyin, the goddess of mercy, is observed by visiting Taoist temples. It falls between late March and late April.

Milestones: – - Office of the Historian

Similar celebrations mark the birthday of Mazu, the goddess of the sea also known as Tianhou , in May or June. The Moon Festival is celebrated in September or October with fireworks, paper lanterns and moon gazing. Live Science.

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  4. Image credit: Philip Lange Shutterstock. Image credit: ariadna de raadt Shutterstock. The growing political strength of Asian Americans, which is just beginning to be exercised, has thus far manifested in the elections of US Senator S.

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    This theme and its exhibitions were created as part of the California Cultures project. You are free to share and adapt it however you like, provided you provide attribution as follows:. Please note that this license applies only to the descriptive copy and does not apply to any and all digital items that may appear. Exhibitions California Cultures: Asian Americans. Everyday Life and Cultural Traditions, ss.

    Gold Rush Era to s. Early 20th Century.