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See link : "Philologists have concluded that the name of Losna is an early spelling of Luna, and that we have here a representation of the goddess of the moon. Hello, I have come across your website and article doing research on the goddess name "Losna" as a moon goddess.

Knossos and the Prophets of Modernism

I am a Wiccan and have been for over 15 years. My biggest pet peeve with other Pagans has been the serious lack of research into the mythological historical background of the cultures they use in their practice. I am also a writer and a pretty serious researcher. I don't feel comfortable working with any culture unless I am familiar with the mythology and am aware of the real background of the gods I am learning about. At any rate, coming across your Losna article was extremely helpful for me and has redirected my studies back towards Luna, who seems to be a legitimate historical goddess of the moon There aren't many.

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Thanks for putting accurate information out on the Internet, where indeed, it needs to be. Cheers, Julie. I've updated my cheeky December post Perhaps we need an Etruscan "anti-dictionary" with a handy footnote concerning the certain falsehood of an "Etruscan" moon goddess called Losna.

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Previously, I only mentioned that the name losna is an Italic word for moon but new developments have arisen showing that the word is a teensy bit more widespread in Indo-European languages than I was aware, which works even more in my favour. I've now added this note at the bottom of that article for the benefit of readers: I just found damningly conclusive proof now that Losna is indeed falsely identified as Etruscan as I asserted above.

As usual, Etruscologists are allergic to diligent research and my shameless skepticism of these 'experts' is once again entirely valid. Sorry, I can't help but gloat.

I always think I'm mad for single-handedly questioning university-educated, PhD-endowed academics and then crazy stuff like this materializes to validate my flowery iconoclasty. Imagine, this all started with that dreaded mirror from Praeneste and then 19th-century Etruscan scholars pounced on it, automatically believing that the mirror was Etruscan see George Dennis in and later George Rawlingson as published in , for example.

This book was unfortunately translated into English as The Etruscans Begin to Speak , serving to misinform the next generation of anglophones as well. Then, even though it's now clear that this is not an Etruscan mirror, new-age nutjobs and poorly informed Etruscologists sadly can't let go and nonetheless use it to weave more tales about how they think Etruscan mythology works based on what they may even admit are antiquated "scraps"!

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