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Call number. Computer networks Information technology Wireless communication systems Telecommunication Signal processing Telecommunication systems Electrical engineering Computer science Electronics Artificial intelligence Robotics Integrated circuits Electric power systems Computational intelligence Automatic control Image processing Software engineering Electronic data processing Computer systems Power electronics more topics.

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IEEE standard dictionary of electrical and electronics terms []. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Description Book — p. I Available. Description Book — xi, p. Radiation effects handbook []. New York : The Institute, Description Book — 96 p. I5 Available. IEEE standards. Some individual vols. Request TK I5 NO. SI 10 Available TK Proceedings of the IEEE [ - ]. Online Find full text Google Books Full view.

Software engineering standards []. Software engineering is an emerging field. New terms are continually being generated, and new meanings are being adopted for existing terms. The Glossary of Software Engineering Terminology was undertaken to document this vocabulary.

Its purpose is to identify terms currently used in software engineering and to present the current meanings of these terms. It is intended to serve as a useful reference for software engineers and for those in related fields and to promote clarity and consistency in the vocabulary of software engineering. It is recognized that software engineering is a dynamic area; thus the standard will be subject to appropriate change as becomes necessary.

This standard defines more than terms in general use in the software engineering field. The glossary is arranged alphabetically and where a term has more than one accepted and approved definition, they are all listed. Examples are provided to clarify some definitions and cross references are used to show a term's relationship to other terms in the glossary. I57 Available. Index to IEEE publications [ - ].

I54 V. I54 Available Z I54 Available. Description Book — xii, p. O63 I F Available.

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Description Book — xiii, p. IEEE standard portable operating system interface for computer environments []. The various factors, which influence the software, are termed as software factors. Two leading firms namely, IBM and Hewlett-Packard have placed a great deal of importance on software quality.

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Software Quality Metrics focus on the process, project and product. DRE is a indicator of the filtering ability of quality control and quality assurance activity. Quality Assurance 2. Testability 3. Expandability 4. IBM and Hewlett-Packard 5. Goals and practices. Explain the five stages in Six Sigma.

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There are the principles behind a highly efficient SQA procedure. Every business should use SQA and use it to the best as they can. They can easily guide the application to be the best procedure. Since it is internationally recognized, the application should not only have a local impact but global acceptance at the same time. Businesses that develop and application and setting it for global standard will have a high reputation and the salability is even better. SQA definitely has benefits that will launch the company towards the global standard it needs. It is all about business survival and SQA is just one of the many tools the company should effectively use.

And just like a tool, it has to be effectively used to its maximum. If the tool is not used to its full extent, the tool will just be a financial burden to the company. SQA should also be utilized at the same way — to its full extent.

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One of the reasons why businesses and companies opt out in using SQA is their inability to realize who effective an SQA when properly used. The following are the reasons why SQA should be used by any company before releasing their application to their intended users: Traceability of Errors Without using SQA, developers can still locate the errors of the application. Since their familiarity with the application is impeccable, they will have the ability to find a remedy to the problem.

SQA on the other hand does not just look for answers to their problems. Looking for errors is really easy but tracing the roots of the problem is another thing. The SQA team should be able to tell which practice has started the problem. Most of the time, the errors is not rooted on the execution of the coding but it could be found in the philosophy in developing the application.

Using SQA means you will have to hire another set of people to work with you. Most of the SQA today are 3rd party companies that are only there to work on the specific project.

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Manpower will always cost money. Manpower does not even cover the cost of the tools the SQA team might use. Unfortunately most of the SQA tools are expensive especially the most efficient tools. On the other hand, consider the idea of locating the bugs and errors in the application before they are released.

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Considering the effect on productivity together with customer satisfaction, you can always tell that preventing the problem is always better compared to answering them. SQA could practically save your business and boost it to success. Without them, there is a higher possibility that the application will have errors which will discourage your customers from purchasing the application.

In a business setting, an erroneous application will lead to slower productivity since instead of helping their customers; they might end up troubleshooting their application most of the time. Flexible Solutions SQA could easily provide solutions to the problem since they look for the root of the problem instead of just answering them. By providing the root of the problem, they have the ability to provide solutions to these problems fast. But instead of one solution only, the SQA team should be able to provide more than one solution.

Finding the root of the problem means they can easily provide more than one solution. Most of the SQA companies offer web-based solutions to their concerns and aside from that, on-site solutions are also provided by most companies to ensure that the company could have as much options for solutions. Better Customer Service One of the ultimate goals of any businesses is to provide the best customer service possible.

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SQA could help these companies realize that goal. In order to do that, the application should go under rigorous test. Testers could do that but again, that is only looking for the answer of the problem. SQA goes more than simple solution to the problem. The SQA team takes note at every step of the application development process. Through this, they will know what are the practices that might go out against the industry standards. Aside from monitoring, SQA also has a good reputation in looking after the development of the application. There are universal standards that guide every SQA team on how to monitor and guide the application for its success.

Every step of the way has been standardized. Even the recommended documents are carefully planned out to ensure that that feed back is working as planned. The end result is a globally recognized product developed with certain standards. Innovation and Creativity Since the SQA team is here to standardize how their work is done, it still fosters innovation and creativity for developing the product.

Everyone is given a free hand in developing the application and the SQA team is there to help them standardize the ideas. On the other hand, developers should have the ability to be more creative as long as the SQA team is there. The SQA team on the other hand has the ability to foster drive as everything will be under the guidance of the team. As a provider of quality assurance for procedures and application, they need to have a strong foundation on what to believe in and what to stand for.

These principles will ensure that the application will live up to the expectations of the client and the users.